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 Ebook Battles - Ways to Tell a Real Author from the Cut and Paster the item.

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PostSubject: Ebook Battles - Ways to Tell a Real Author from the Cut and Paster the item.   Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:44 pm

Truth: ebooks are big business. Authors and affiliates both can earn big profits in the ebook market. But how about the customer? How can we now we are buying a genuine and informative product?
The days of going to any bookstore and flicking through the pages of a potential purchase are obtaining left behind as the modern world of e-publishing grows bigger every single day.
If you want to find an ebook on any given topic you may have two possible routes to some purchase.
1. wade via a sales page
if the contents resonate along with you and look like they be practical, it's a good begin. But are you reading what of an authority on the matter, or are you falling pray towards the ebook equivalent of a used car salesman?
Here are some safety checks that boost the odds of you getting good value from an ebook:
- does the author have an ezine? If that's the case, sign up and relax. Within a few days and nights you'll know if his / her sales page claims are represented in the quality of their ezine content?
- do they provide a money-back guarantee? In the event that yes, check the small print and know that at least you can claim a refund whether it's not up to the beginning. The odds are while, that an author who provides a guarantee has faith within their product.
- look in the bonusesAre they really a bonus? Or are they the same old ebook freebies that countless sales pages offer that have little or nothing to do with the product?
Good bonus deals are supportive of, and relevant to the ebook you're thinking about buying. For genuine as well as experienced authors, good bonus are easy enough to supply.
The cut and pasters hiding in ebook land may pile a sales web site high with bonus offers that you could find free for yourself - knowing where to look.
two. The Good Old-Fashioned Independent Review
The reviews with an ebook sales page might possibly read very nicely, plus they may sound very convincing, they may also be made up!
It's easy to make up a name and location and a few words of praise. Just like easy as cutting plus pasting info from various sources and calling it an ebook actually.
Visiting a third party review site may just be your best bet. Recent statistics show that 7-10% of potential electronic book purchasers are happier buying from an independent review site - When i don't blame them!
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Ebook Battles - Ways to Tell a Real Author from the Cut and Paster the item.
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