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 Engineering Safety Passport Training - Updated

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Engineering Safety Passport Training - Updated Empty
PostSubject: Engineering Safety Passport Training - Updated   Engineering Safety Passport Training - Updated EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 5:16 pm

Instruction for the National Safety Passport can be obtained for a fraction of the current cost and the classes is delivered in a way that will allow you to do it anywhere at any time. 揌ere抯 a tried and tested training product which will render current methods archaic. I have no doubt about that?stated the CEO of Protect Life (health and safety superstore).

Now safety passport teaching can be obtained via computer based education. The classes is cleverly stored on a USB stick / Flash drive. Once plugged in: it automatically guides the user into taking the curriculum module by module. The candidate can stop and start at any point. After successful completion of all the required modules the user is asked to complete a short on screen form which is sent via the internet to EMSS, they then issue a credit card sized pass which the candidate can present to an employer as proof of successfully completing the Safety Passport curriculum.

The Health and Safety Executive, EMSS, The National Skills Academy, NEPIC, The University of Teesside, NESHEP and a large number of National / Multi-national organisations all support this scheme. This schooling is of interest and is applicable to both private and public sector companies even members of the general public can add to their re-sellable skills by taking it.

Some courses that carry the same/comparable levels of safety approval are classroom based and are delivered over two days. The traditional alternatives are much more expensive and offer less flexibility. Persons wishing to verify the validity of any particular Passport can simply log into a secure portal. Authentication can be attained in seconds.

Advantages of getting safety passport schooling this way:

Classes can be taken anywhere any time for a fraction of the cost (other providers can charge up to ?00 + accommodation for each candidate - this new product costs ?9.99 +vat)
This way of taking the curriculum means that your network band width is not impacted and the memory stick is certified as being virus free by COMODO (Your IT department and security team will be pleased);
Program can be delivered in less than half the current time and can be taken in small chunks hence less resource time is required and you don抰 need to take the attendee away from 慴usiness as usual?tasks for the full duration of the classes;
Get contractors working straight away - Instead of having to turn contractors away because they do not have a safety passport or they have no proof that they have successfully attended Safety Passport guidance. Now you can simply give them this memory stick and tell them to complete the curriculum with immediate effect. They can be approved within five hours;
Employers have a sanctioned, auditable, approved method for ensuring that all their staff have successfully undertaken National Safety Passport instruction.

Protect Life (health and safety superstore) are providers of this product. Inquiries should be sent to or phone +44 (0)845 456 2325.

Safety Passport (EMSS) - schooling anywhere / anytime

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Engineering Safety Passport Training - Updated
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