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 Nokia E55 Vs Nokia E75 - A Deep Insight into their Comparative Features

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PostSubject: Nokia E55 Vs Nokia E75 - A Deep Insight into their Comparative Features   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:21 pm

Both Nokia E55 and Nokia E75 are from E-series family. If compared with each other, you will find both rich in features. What puts them apart is the difference of the keyboard. The E55 has compact QWERTY keyboard, but E75 has full slide-out QWERTY keyboard with numeric keypad. Otherwise, both are superb. ?BR />
Nokia has been producing a number of mobile phones for several years on end. All of its handsets have been superb and of great use in their own way. As far as the Nokia E55 and Nokia E75 are concerned, both are from E-series family and feature wise they are very rich. But discussing the features of each handset one by one will give better insight into its utilities and excellence.
Nokia E75:
The dimension of E75 is 111.8?01x14.4 mm and its weight is 139 grams.It is basically a slider mobile phone with a 2.4-inch, 320X240 pixel display.Nokia E75 has a full side-sliding QWERTY keyboard which is better of business purpose.It comes with microSDHC card slot, 3.2-megapixel camera. Its camera allows you to capture sharp and clear pictures. You can extend its memory capacity by dint of microSDHC card slot.In the form of connectivity options, it has a number of wireless options such as HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth, WI-FI, and 3G.?
Nokia E55:
Nokia E55 comes with 20-key QWERTY keyboard.As for camera, it features 3.2-megapixel camera. There is no difference in camera available in both Nokia E55 and Nokia E75 in terms of mega-pixel. Nokia E55 is blessed with microSDHC card slot. By dint of this card slot, you can extend the memory capacity of your handset.
Along with several features, Nokia E55 has some great connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and the like.The only difference that you will find perceptible in both of the handsets by Nokia is the keyboard. The E55 has compact QWERTY keyboard, on the contrary, E75 has not only full slide-out QWERTY keyboard but also numeric keypad. Because of this difference, the E75 is much thicker than the E55. Apart from them, both handsets have full Nokia Maps and support N-Gage gaming service.?Both Nokia E55 and Nokia E75 have many similarities and one of them is that both have an emphasized mobile messaging orientation.To sum up, both Nokia E55 and Nokia E75 are useful and wonderful in their own way. You can buy anyone of them as per your choice and requirement.

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Nokia E55 Vs Nokia E75 - A Deep Insight into their Comparative Features
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