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 IBM Certified training in India.

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IBM Certified training in India. Empty
PostSubject: IBM Certified training in India.   IBM Certified training in India. EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 1:37 pm

Reliance Global Services Pvt Ltd is among the fast growing IT products and services provider utilizing offices in USA, Hyderabad-India, delivering best-in-class services to assist clients reduce costs, improve organizational flexibility, and improve business also it performance. We have proven capabilities across various market place verticals. Our wide spectrum of solutions and providers encompass ERP specialized within SAP Custom application progress, Application maintenance and support, Management-consulting services through Agreement staffing enabled with in-house skill development.
We would like to bring to your kind notice that R. G. S is definitely an IBM Business Partner for CEIS Career Education in IBM Software programme.

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The IBM Career Training in IBM Software (CEIS) program may be the ideal educational solution to organize fresh graduates and position professionals for today's information technology demands, helping them to get all the skills, education and experience they have to build successful careers with this industry.
CEIS brings together existing IBM Software Education courses right into a simple and coherent software targeted for specific employment paths. Choose a suitable career path for yourself by following the courses on offer that are designed to launch your "Global Career".
The actual curriculum design incorporates a "blended learning" approach through integrating classroom, hands-on lab exercises and team projects to supply students both the theoretical and practical training required to build strong database supervision, e-business administration, application improvement and testing skills.
Professional Staffing Reliance Global is focused every day on choosing the best person for the right job with supporting you (client) - wherever located so when ever wanted. With large quantity of experience, we can support you in the development of your human capital.
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IBM Certified training in India.
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